During this time we are taking special care to clean and sanitize the rooms between guests. More importantly, we are also keeping rooms empty for 24 hours between guests. Beyond our normal use of cleansers and bleach solutions in our room cleaning steps, we have begun using an Ultra Violet C (UVC) device.  It's well understood that sunlight is a great disinfectant, and this is largely because it contains UVC. For this extra precaution we are using an American made, hospital grade, high power UVC room sterilizer to decontaminate rooms between guests.

When you arrive there is an  easy self check-in process to eliminate person to person contact.

All of our rooms open to a private patio and open air. There are no indoor common areas or hallways.

There will be no house keeping during your stay, but you can request supplies that you may need.


When we began looking for UVC devices, we quickly realized that there are large numbers of poorly documented and largely useless devices being sold. If you are interested, we settled on a 95 watt unit from cureuv.com in Florida. This power is more than sufficient for the sizes of our rooms.  The "cure" in the companies name has to do with their offering of UV devices for curing and hardening synthetic industrial materials.  They make it very clear that people should not be exposed to UVC at all.

Covid 19 Precautions